About sms loans – How to get it fast

Here at Fine Finance you will find lots of sms loans, almost all of our 35 lenders offer sms loans, so we think it may be appropriate to look more closely at what a sms loan really is. The reason why we present most sms loans is that they are paid off most quickly by all loans, and our niche is fast loans.


Amount and installment time

installment loan

Once upon a time, the largest sms loan was only a few thousand USD, but today there are significantly larger sms loans than that. There are lenders who offer sms loans of up to $ 12,000-15,000 even though the repayment period is only three months. However, such large loans with such a short repayment period should beware if you do not have really good margins. The smallest loans from a sms lender usually amount to $ 500 or 1000.

Ordinary SMS loans usually have a repayment period of 14 days up to 3 months, but there are those that offer loan periods of, for example, 6 or 12 months.

Today, there are also a number of lenders offering loans that are a kind of intermediary for sms loans and ordinary private loans. These loans can have a maximum loan amount of, for example, $ 20,000, 30000, 50000 or 60000, but then you pay off the loan for at least 1 year up to 5 or 6 years.


The loan is paid out so quickly

The loan is paid out so quickly

  • If you have a bank account at the same bank as the lender, you will usually receive your money within 15 – 60 minutes after your application has been granted because your loan will then end up in your bank account at the moment the money is paid out . So it goes as fast as when you yourself for money between your bank accounts within the same bank. The sms companies that pay out money directly do so even if you apply for a sms loan in the evening or for sms on the weekend.
  • If you do not use the same bank or if the sms lender does not offer direct transfers, you will get the money fairly quickly anyway. Normally, you get the money the same day if you apply for a weekday before 10am. 13:00, 13:30 or 14:00 (depending on institute), only the lender will be able to process your application before these times.
  • If you apply on the weekend or after 13:00 – 14:00 you will receive your money the next banking day unless the lender pays sms directly.

Most sms loans are paid out so quickly and this is obviously why most people put similarities between sms loans and fast loans.


Low requirements

Low requirements

There are very few banks or other financial institutions that grant private loans if you have one or more payment notes, but it is far from impossible to get a sms loan even if you have a payment note. There are lots of lenders who accept payment reminders, at least if you don’t have too many. You can read more about what the requirements are for those who have notes under our list of sms with payment note.

Most lenders also have low income requirements and do not require you to have a permanent employment. If you have a project job, a temporary job, a temporary job or work extra in addition to your studies, there are usually no problems at all. Read more about the most common requirements for a sms loan in this article.


Who is behind the small loan companies?

small loan companies?

Those that we and most others call sms lenders are far from always independent companies but usually a larger company is behind it. Often, the lenders we list are more of a brand than a company and there are companies that own several such brands. If you want to know who is behind the small loan companies, read our article about the owners behind the sms loans.

When the sms loans were introduced in Sweden, ordinary private individuals could also offer sms loans, but the rules are much tougher today to force rogue lenders away from the market, which is of course good. In 2016, the rules may be even tougher for debt reduction due to sms loans.

Credit bureau-free credit with immediate approval

High credit default risk with a long term and high loan amounts

High credit default risk with a long term and high loan amounts

Borrowers can now look forward to numerous loan offers with attractive terms. Numerous banks and savings banks today mostly offer interested consumers several credit products. Thanks to the large selection, interested parties can now benefit from low interest rates and flexible design options.

Borrowers in particular who have a negative Credit bureau have good chances of accessing an attractive loan with favorable terms. A Credit bureau-free credit with instant approval can be found today at numerous online banks on the Internet.

The numerous online banks on the net, with their mostly Credit bureau-free credit products, have specifically targeted the ever-increasing target group of borrowers with a negative Credit bureau. Borrowers who opt for a Credit bureau-free loan with an instant approval can not only benefit from a good alternative to a conventional loan product, the online instant approval means that the loan is quickly available and can be used without restrictions after just a few working days.

A Credit bureau-free credit with instant approval can be found today with many providers, so a contract should never be made without a comparison on the Internet.

Credit bureau-free credit with immediate acceptance and attractive conditions desired 

Credit bureau-free credit with immediate acceptance and attractive conditions desired - this must be taken into account when comparing

When comparing several Credit bureau-free loan offers, borrowers should primarily focus on the effective interest rate as the most important comparison criterion when searching for loans. The effective interest rate is fundamentally flexible today, so that the borrower has the opportunity to directly influence the effective interest rate.

The effective interest rate can best be influenced via your own credit rating. Since a Credit bureau-free loan is not provided with a Credit bureau credit check, borrowers can score points with a high income and have a positive impact on the effective interest rate. In addition, borrowers should be aware that the term and loan amount also have an impact on the effective interest rate.

Those who opt for a low loan amount and a short term can generally look forward to a lower effective interest rate, which can be attributed not least to the lower credit default risk for the bank. However, the bank expects a high credit default risk with a long term and high loan amounts, which means that borrowers can expect a significantly higher effective interest rate.

All Credit bureau-free credit products with an instant approval have one thing in common, the online application and instant approval mean that the loan is available without restriction after just a few days.

Find Credit bureau-free credit with an instant commitment at low interest rates – a comparison is absolutely necessary. When comparing several offers, borrowers should definitely use a loan calculator. The loan calculator offers the borrower the opportunity to make a comparison in terms of different criteria.

In addition to a specific term, a specific loan amount, repayment and usage can also be taken into account in the loan amount, so that the best individual offers can be quickly filtered out.