Know in detail about PVC flooring

Vinyl is a moisture-resistant floor, so it can also be used in the bathroom, kitchen or household rooms without hesitation. It does not absorb any moisture or dirt, making it easy to clean. Due to its very small 5mm structure, vinyl is the ideal renovation floor and also easy to lay. The vinyl flooring in fayetteville nc flooring brings cozy warmth to your home, the slightly elastic material feels very comfortable under your feet and vinyl can of course be laid over underfloor heating.

High abrasion resistance

Thin base, short shelf life is general concern for everyone. This train of thought could well have gone through each of us at some point, it is also absolutely logical and understandable. But this way of thinking does not apply to vinyl floors. Floors are divided into so-called abrasion classes with regard to their durability. These classes describe how quickly the surface layer of a floor wears out with a standard load. Vinyl does very well here in this situation. The material composition of robust PVC enables the best values. Imagine the entrance area of ​​a pub with a wooden floor. These wooden planks have to withstand a lot, lots of shoes every day, moisture, dog claws, stones under shoe soles … etc.

The wooden floorboards will crack over time as a result of this load on the surface, they will absorb moisture and dirt in the wood fibers, only smaller, later larger fibers will break out and thus the floor will lose the fight against wear at some point.

A vinyl floor, on the other hand, has a sealed surface that is easy to clean and that neither absorbs moisture nor dirt. Maximum durability despite thin material.

Very high dimensional stability in the connection, yet flexible in the plank

These floors have a special feature that makes them very dimensionally stable despite the flexibility of a vinyl floor board. Each plank of the  floor has a double reinforcement, i.e. the vinyl plank itself remains flexible, so that all the positive properties associated with it are retained pleasant walking experience, footfall noise reduction adapts to unevenness,  but it has great tensile strength and dimensional stability, what especially affects the durability of your floor.It also holds the planks firmly together once they have been firmly joined together. You don’t have to worry that the weather will crack your floor.