What Are The Advantages Of Floor Epoxy?

You must be wondering what exactly is floor epoxy? Basically it is the epoxy floors are considered to be very strong and are generally used in areas with a heavy traffic like hospitals or sports facilities. There are various types of epoxy flooring systems that are available. Mentioned below are a few of them.

The types of epoxy flooring systems:

  • The self -Levelling epoxy floors: This can be applied on floors of concrete that are old, new or even damaged. This helps in creating a flooring surface that will be durable, smooth and seamless. This flooring system is available in different colours too. The self – levelling flooring system is typically used in showrooms, commercial garages, kitchens and so on.
  • The epoxy flake floors: This floor system is made when the coloured flakes are kept inside the epoxy since it helps in creating a surface that is seamless and vibrant. The surface is slightly rough which might not be a pleasing sight to the eye and also it might feel rough but definitely it helps in reducing the risks of slips and falls. Also these flakes are widely available in various of colours which can be mixed in a combination as per your preference. This type of a flooring system can be sued on floors of kitchens, locker rooms, sports venues and more.

What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?

  • It is a help to the environment: The epoxy coatings are considered a great option as far as your business is concerned since it helps in the reduction of the materials that are being used. Also it proves to be a great alternative when it comes to replacing the entire set of floor.
  • Brightness: There are options that can be provided for coating of the high glass which also helps in the improvement of lighting.
  • Great durability: When the concrete floors are coated with epoxy they usually last longer and also help in resisting of the wear and tear of the floor. This also help you to see to the other concerns that your business might want attention from and also it saves money.
  • Low cleaning maintenance: Once the concrete has been coated with epoxy it does not remain porous anymore thus it gets sealed and it is way easier with respect to its cleaning.
  • Safety features: These coatings are resistant to temperature, slippage and it ensures the safety of bot you and your employees in your work area.