Ways how to check the Swiss machining for a custom machine part

When you have a print for the precision machined part, you are looking for, and you suspect that swiss parts machining is the best to use it. But when you are not a machinist, looking for a supplier with machining capabilities can be hard work. Most machined parts are made from different equipment, but you must get the best part or price that will fit your interest. When the machine shop makes custom-turned parts, the buyers and engineers will try to think about what works for what they have to make. It will have a range of experiences in machining to get the best machining for quantity, material, and complexity. Most shops specialize in the types of machining, and there is not a one size fits all formula.

Know the parts you need to use

Swiss machining needs CNC programming, tooling, and setup to make a new part. Machining companies built in the price per part, and others separate in the line item. There is a cost for getting started with any function, ranging from $100 to $1,200. When the qualities boost in a production run, the price of every piece decreases. But when it goes to production in the thousands or millions, Swiss machining can be the best for you.

swiss parts machining

 Learn which features are on the part.

It is a complicated part where it can be a good fit for Swiss turning. But when it is complicated, only the shop engineer will tell you when they have the tooling chance to do everything.

Determine which material to use.

The Swiss equipment is a machine that has a wide range of materials. But when the lead time is essential, the material available can be important to you. Call it out on the print when you have not heard of the material. It is best to do something easy to see if it is avoidable in the bar form. When the price is a key driver and the materials’ flexibility, you must consider the material’s machinability.

 Does the outer diameter suitable for Swiss?

There are Swiss screw machines that come in different sizes, but it is made for small parts. You can have a device with a .25″ OD part and a 1.25″ OD Swiss machine where you will get the best cycle times. It will cost you to use a .393″ or smaller screw machine. The company has Swiss machines that are 10mm, 20mm, and 32mm to increase the part of the equipment. Many factors are made on all the platforms, but an optional platform exists.

Swiss turning can be the best chance to get your machined part. You must give your print to check to the Swiss machine shop for engineering review and quote.