What is FedRAMP and How is it Important for People?

As we are moving towards a digital world where cloud computing is becoming the most important part of all business operations. We have seen cloud services gaining more popularity and growth in the past few years, so it becomes important to ensure that all that data stored in the cloud must be secure. There is a FedRAMP which stands for Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, it helps all federal agencies to ensure that cloud services they use must meet the security requirements set by the government.

Working of FedRAMP

FedRAMP uses a three-tiered approach for security authorization, and these are kike security baseline, a set of security controls, and some continuous monitoring processes.

  1. Security Baseline

The FedRAMP program has defined some baseline set of security controls that need to be followed by all the cloud service providers. They should implement these security measures to ensure the security of cloud services strictly. This baseline is a set of security controls that are being given by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

  1. Security Controls

As we have seen above, each cloud services provider needs to follow a certain set of security controls which is being defined by FedRAMP. These security controls mostly cover a wide range of security areas like access control, management of vulnerabilities, response to some incidents, and protection of data.

  1. Continuous Monitoring

Each cloud service provider needs to follow the FedRAMP program in which they need to monitor the security aspect continuously so that cloud service is secured all the time. In continuous monitoring activity, service providers need to do regular security assessments and ongoing monitoring of the cloud service provider’s security controls.

Importance of FedRAMP

Here are some of the reasons why cloud services need to follow FedRAMP:

  • Cloud services have all the data related to each one of us like bank details or data related to some organizations. Hence, they need to follow all the security requirements set by the government and it is being confirmed by the FedRAMP program. All sensitive data needs to be secured enough so that no unauthorized person can access it.
  • All cloud service providers need to maintain the security of all the crucial data under the guidance of the government through the FedRAMP program. FedRAMP already set some security baseline controls and told them to monitor their cloud server continuously.