Why Rent a Limousine?

If you were a kid in the 90s, then you understand what I mean when I say we all wanted to be Kevin McAllister sitting in the back of a limousine in New York with a cheese pizza in one hand, and a television playing cartoons on the right. This has definitely been a source of many fantasies for us, and even after growing up, some of us continued to still hold onto that fantasy. Now, if you are able to afford a limousine rental for a day and it is not affecting your finances or savings, you should definitely do it. There are number of rental companies that also offer limo rental Spokane, so you can just book one and make a field day of it. If you are someone that does not have any fantasies about being in a limousine, you can continue reading below:

  • Limousines are old-school and old fashioned, but they are still respected. For the longest time they were restricted only to royalty and the very rich. Limousines are no longer a common sight on the streets, but they still carry an air of class with them. So, if you like old Hollywood or just want the feeling of being rich, renting a limousine for a day and being chauffeured around will do the trick.
  • A limousine can accommodate anywhere between 6-14 or even 16 people depending on the size of the limousine. This makes limousines a great mode of transportation for large groups, especially for formal events like a wedding, or even prom.
  • You get to have the royal treatment in a limousine, and some limousine rental companies offer additional services like alcohol in the limousine, multiple stops, and for the home alone enthusiasts, yes, you can get a cheese pizza and then choose to eat it in the limousine.